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by admin on March 6, 2012

Scams of all kind have become very common nowadays. Cell Phone Spy Software scam is not an exception to that too. Although there are a number of genuine and experienced software available in the market such as the Mobile Spy, some people still fall prey to catchy advertisements telling them that their products costs lower than any other such software in the market or have exceptional features.

A responsible customer should always make sure that he /she carries out a thorough research about the product they are going to buy. This would be the only way to escape from being drawn into buying fraudulent products.

One such product is the E Stealth cell phone spy software which has been time and again proven to be an outright scam. Beware of the product.

E-Stealth Cell Phone Spy Software

E Stealth, cell phone spy software that is of very recent origin has begun to be advertised as the best mobile spy software. These advertisements nevertheless had given them an initial hike in consumers is now facing serious repercussions mainly due to low quality of service provided.

Yes, E-Stealth is a total scam. There is more than one reason that has been instrumental in arriving at such a conclusion.

The Basic Working

If you are one of those who have used well established and highly reputed cell phone spy software- the Mobile Spy Cell Phone Spy Software, then you would be able to immediately spot the non workability of E-Stealth software on any phone.

It has almost become an unwritten rule in software industry to provide refunds to customers in case the product does not work as is being claimed. However, this is not followed by the vendor of E-Stealth software, and your money spent on the software is a total waste.

Unprofessional Website

You can take a tour of the website of E-Stealth, it is the most unprofessional and amateurish website ever comes across. A well designed and workable website is a basis for a software company; e-stealth totally fails in this criterion and uses a very low degree website with minimal functionality.

What is even more surprising is that the vendors of e-stealth has not even taken the pain to design the website on their own, they have just copied the website of Mobile Spy cell phone spy software, and at places even forgotten to replace the title and have left it as Mobile Spy.

This is very ridiculous and does not stand a chance even to measure it with well experienced and technically sound cell phone spy software namely the Mobile Spy.

Poor Compatibility

Consumers, who had been attracted by the wide advertisements and have mistakenly bought e-stealth software, have numerous complaints, the first among them being the non compatibility of the software with any kind of smart phones.

Although these customers tried to contact customer support, none of their calls was answered leaving them in despair.

No Clear Instructions

Since software is mostly sold online off late, it is necessary to give a manual accompanying each sale, or at the least there should be a detailed account of instructions. E-Stealth does not have either of these facilities.

You would be able to see that many genuine software vendors clearly specify that their software will not be installed in iphones if they do not jailbreak the iOS. Even such basic information is not available in the e-stealth website.

They just proclaim that their software is compatible with all phones. This clearly shows that the vendors are more worried about their sales rather than customer satisfaction.

Product Credibility          

The vendors of Mobile Spy, which is the #1 cell phone spy software, claim that e-stealth is a scam. They do not own the product that they seem to be selling. In fact they claim that the complete website of the e-steal is a copy of mobile spy.

Such accusations give a very bad image on the credibility of the product. How can one rely on such fraudulent product?

Unauthorized Claims

E-Stealth is claimed to be used for official espionage by high cadre officials belonging to CIA and FBI. Doesn’t that sound unbelievable and absurd? How would such high profile institutions even think of using software that can easily be available to general public?


E-Stealth claims to that you would be able to read other people’s SMS, read other people’s incoming/outgoing calls, read other people’s phone list, connect your phone when the other party phone received a call or mad a call, see other people’s photographs in their phone and other claims. All these, without even installing any sort of software in the target phone, unbelievable!

Well, when customer tried it out they found that not even one feature worked and the money spent was a total waste.

Customer Support

Just a glimpse of the customer support page of e-stealth website would give you a clear idea of what exactly you can expect from them. Yes! The page is so poorly made and does not contain any sort of slot to enter what exactly your query is and why you want to contact the customer support.

In contrast to this you would find that Mobile Spy has a well developed and channeled customer support system. The moment you finish typing in your query you would be given a ticket number which you can use for easy follow up if needed at any later period of time.

Also there is 24 X 7 support both through online chat and through phone. This gives more reliability to the product and also gives the much needed confidence that there would always be a trained person to clear your doubts and support you where the software is concerned.


E-Stealth is an outright scam and spending $70 on such fraudulent software is not advisable at all. If you want to keep track of people related closely to you, without their knowledge you could choose Mobile Spy.

Mobile Spy cell phone spy software is the most reliable software and has been in market for more than six years. It has a number of features that such as Call Log, SMS Log, GPS location tracking, Surrounding sounds, Calendar events, email log and so on.

For just $49.97 you would get every feature you would expect from cell spy software. You can also use the software on more than one mobile without having to pay any extra amount.

When you plan to buy cell phone spy software, plan rightly and make the right choice

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