Mobile Spy Review

by admin on December 7, 2012

Do you often worry or get nightmares about your employee or child misusing the smartphone provided by you? Do you suspect something unethical about your spouse? Well, if these thoughts haunt you on a frequent basis, then it is time you consider cell phone spy software. If you are unsure about these mobile spying applications, you should familiarize yourself as it can come in great use to you. The spying software helps parents protect their children from mobile threats, employers can keep an eye on employees at work, and a cheating spouse can be caught easily.

Cell phone spying software is a tiny application that can be quietly installed on the cell phone you wish to monitor. It can be your child, employee or spouse. The spying software is being widely used by incalculable people in order to lead a secured life without giving room for unexpected dangers or problems coming in their way. You can lead a secured life as the software keeps a tab on your loved ones all throughout. Although, several companies have introduced cell phone spying applications, Mobile Spy stands out to be one of the most reliable and effective monitoring applications today.

About Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is a pioneering monitoring program compatible with operating systems such as iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android, and Symbian operating system. This particular software is highly popular as it operates in stealth mode, and is not reliable on the cell phone call and text messaging logs to capture activities. It works independently and if the user wipes the data from the device, the data can still be retrieved with the help of the software. Mobile Spy makes the monitoring activity a lot easier and convenient for users. The suspect would never get the slightest of idea about the software installed on his or her phone.

Mobile Spy Functioning

The working mechanism of Mobile Spy is simplified for the benefit of users. As a customer, you firstly need to buy the Mobile Spy software. Thereafter, the software needs to be downloaded onto the smartphone owned by you. You can configure the program as per your monitoring requirements. When the target phone user performs activities such as sending text messages, initiating calls, or web browsing, Mobile Spy covertly extracts logs and uploads them to the server. You can login to your private online account by connecting to internet to have a close glance at all activities recorded in real time.

Mobile Spy Registration & Usage Guide

  • Registration: Once you purchase Mobile Spy, an instant email would be sent notifying the details of the registration code. You need to set up a Mobile Spy account by creating a username and password during registration. Avoid using any characters or spaces other than letters and numbers. The registration number needs to be pasted onto the specified box. Thereafter, you must abide by the legal terms and conditions on the registration page. Once these procedures are complete, you may proceed further by clicking the Submit button.
  • Installation: Now that you are through with the registration process, you can initiate the process of installing the software onto your cell phone. You can download as well as install the software directly onto the target phone you wish to monitor. The instructions on installation vary for every operating system, and hence you need to refer the page thoroughly to install the software into your operating system.
  • Log Monitoring: After installing Mobile Spy on your device, you can login to your server account securely in order to monitor logs whenever you want. You need to wait for a few hours post installing for phone logs to reflect in the account for the first time. The initial logs take up to one hour to reflect in the system.

Features of Mobile Spy

  • Text Messages: If you want to know the details of the text messages exchanged by your children, spouse, or employees, you can retrieve the details of both sent and received text messages. Users can view the contents of the SMS completely with the help of this renowned spying software.
  • Location Logs: When you suspect that the target cell phone user is lying to you about his whereabouts, you can make best of Mobile Spy account to retrieve the location details precisely. This feature helps users to catch their children bunking their school. Besides, an employee’s location can be tracked by the employer during official hours.
  • Live Control Panel: This is one of the newest features introduced by Mobile Spy. This particular interface of Mobile Spy account helps users to view the screen and location of the device on a map. The data gets updated in real time, and you can remotely view and control the target cell phone.
  • Call Logs: If you want to know the duration of calls made by your children or employees, you can do so with the help of this mobile monitoring software. You can extract details on when and who they are calling and the total time spent on those calls.
  • URL Logs: With the help of this revolutionary monitoring software, you can obtain a list of all sites browsed from the target device’s phone browser. If the very thought that your child is visiting inappropriate sites is worrying you, you can ease your mind simply by viewing the web logs.

  • Photo & Video Logs: You need not worry about the kind of photos and videos taken by your child on the phone as the software has the ability to upload the data to your private account silently for you to view it.
  • Email Logs: Most employees make use of their official mobile phones to send and receive all kinds of communication such as emails. Once the mobile monitoring software is installed, you can keep a close watch on the email activities of your employees.
  • Contacts: The monitoring software allows users to retrieve details of all contacts saved on the target phone. In addition, a notification is sent to the user whenever new contacts get added in the target phone.
  • Calendar Events: This feature helps users to find out the plans of their kids for the weekend. All the events that are saved in the smartphone can be viewed with full details such as location, time, and date. Parents can ensure the safety of their children through this feature.
  • Blocking Applications: When you find out that your child is involved in a certain application that is adult themed, or if the child is constantly browsing social networking sites, you can simply block those applications on the phone.

Why Choose Mobile Spy?

  • World Class Service: Mobile Spy has been developed by an established company known as Retina X Studios that has created spying software products since 2003. So, you can expect high grade service as it maintains privacy and data security. Millions of users prefer choosing Mobile Spy due to its outstanding service for its clients.
  • Ability to Monitor Multiple Phones: If the requirement is such that you need to monitor two to three phones through a single account of Mobile Spy, you can do so without buying extra licenses. The company also offers special discounts to its corporate clients who want to track multiple cell phones.
  • Free Online Demo: The online demo can be viewed free of cost. It helps users to know the appropriate way to view the spying outcomes with Mobile Spy.
  • Safe & Secure Online Payment: The software makes use of the renowned online payment method known as Plimus, which is a fully secured platform. The servers of Mobile Spy are scanned on a daily basis by VeriSign, so that the data remains secure and confidential.
  • Free SniperSpy: When you choose to subscribe to Mobile Spy annually, you receive SniperSpy without any additional cost. By purchasing the Mobile Spy annual subscription, you can remotely track your smartphone from anywhere.


To conclude, Mobile Spy is the groundbreaking application that has helped millions of people get close to the truth. The software can be installed onto the smartphone within a few minutes and users can begin to monitor every tiny detail of the smartphone to get clarity on the hidden truth. The online user guide helps people to follow the instructions with ease and perform their monitoring tasks with no hassle. Mobile Spy comes with a whole lot of useful features, which helps user to monitor the logs effectively.